What is a Town Planner?


What is a Town Planner?

A Town Planner is a professional who comes up with the most efficient land use in accordance with the standards set by state or local Councils. Town Planners take into account several factors including the environment, zoning, bushfire risk, traffic generation, as well as social and economic impact of the development.

Does a Town Planner just work for Council?

Although most town planners work for Government, consultant town planners are a key ally for anyone seeking Council approval.

How can a consultant town planner help property owners?

If you are considering developing your property, altering its use, or changing its physical structure, you usually need to get Council Approval before you can implement any of these changes. A Town Planner by your side can help you obtain the Council Approval your property needs by:

  • Helping you to understand the planning provisions as they relate to your property,
  • Preparing the documentation needed for an application,
  • Streamlining the council approval process through appropriate negotiation with Council staff.

What should you look for before hiring a town planner?

The choice of your consultant will largely determine whether you will get Council approval.  With 45years industry experience, we’ve put our best advice into the complementary checklist, ‘Five essential things to look for in your town planner before you hire them’ available for download.

In this complementary checklist, the first thing to look for is a Certified Practising Planner:

Please click here to download the complementary checklist, Five essential things to look for in your town planner before you hire them’ to make sure you hire the right town planner.

  1. Only engage a Certified Practising Planner?

    Before engaging the services of a Town Planner, it is essential to find out if your Town Planner is a Certified Practising Planner (CPP). Like a CPA accountant, a CPP town planner has been certified by the industry body to have the required level of competency, qualification and experience to be a town planner.

    If you make the mistake of hiring a town planner that is not a Certified Practising Planner, there is no guarantee that they are what they make themselves out to be.

    By hiring a CPP, you can be sure that the planner undergoes continue professional training so that the advice they give you is timely and accurate.  A CPP is the only accreditation in Australia for a town planner.

    A CPP speaks the same language as the Council and can advise you at the first instance which of your ambitions may be approved or not. A CPP does not waste your time and resources to develop plans that are unlikely to be approved by the Council.

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